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New Severn Crossing From Severn Beach
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New Severn Crossing From Severn Beach

15-05-2006 · Comments (17)
Categories: Ilford XP2  Nikon F5  

This shot was taken back in February when that wonderful winter sun was low and so beautiful. The river Severn is a wonderful river so powerful and I think that I am right when I say that it has the second largest tide in the world. I'm sure if I am wrong that I will be shouted down...I think that the largest is the Amazon...but am less sure about that fact. When the tide is out like it was here it is really out there!

I have happy memories of holiday's at the many seaside resorts on the Severn Estuary.......I hesitate when I call then seaside resorts, as a child they seemed more like mud resorts....the sea would go so far out you needed a telescope to see it and even if the tide was in you really wouldn't want to swim in it...what with it's short fall sewerage pipes and the huge amount of mud the Severn shifts in each tide...happy memories indeed. I'm sure it's a cleaner place now but I'll still give the swim a miss!

Listening to: "Down Poured The Heavens" (The Secret Migration) - Mercury Rev

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