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The Pursuit in Vrises (Βρυσές) Crete
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The Pursuit in Vrises (Βρυσές) Crete

13-04-2006 · Comments (17)
Categories: Crete  Ilford XP2  Nikon F5  

Ok the story goes like this, I was walking down the slope in the opposite direction to the woman who is walking away! I am confronted by a run away donkey going at a fair old gallop dragging about 50 yards of chain and rope. These two old women appeared, the stationary one seemed the less able of the two and was carring a rather heavy sack full of greens so the other took chase. There was a lot of standing around and looking, I'm assuming excitement is rather thin on the ground here! I so wanted to take some photos of her so started shooting from the hip, this one being about the best of the bunch.

The other woman and the donkey didn't appear after about 15 minutes so the lady with the sack moved off or at least tried to up some rather steep steps. I seized the moment...offered to help her by carrying it to her door. Having performed this good deed I thought I would be OK asking to take her photo. It's funny but whenever I ask to take an old ladies photo, no matter how messed up she is...she always plays with her hair and gestures like she is such a mess and I have caught her off guard! And she did on this occasion. She smiled I took it...she then asked if I would take one in front of her blue door..I did. Priceless!

The posed shots at a later date perhaps. So I apologise for blown away highlights but I like it...perhaps it's the events I like and the photo just reminds me of them...but I guess that's what it's all about at the end of the day...memories.

Listening to: "Fool Says" (Transfiguration Of Vincent) - M Ward

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