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Gossip! - Limnes (Λίμνες) Crete
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Gossip! - Limnes (Λίμνες) Crete

03-04-2006 · Comments (21)
Categories: Crete  Ilford XP2  Nikon F4  

A bit of a crop on this one as I found myself to far away with to short a lens! I think it works OK. It was a particularly bright day and most of the action was in the shade so some of the highlights are blown away as well....I've done what I can with it....I'm posting it because I like it which I guess is what it's all about. There are two shots the position of the woman is best in this one and the cat in the other which I may post at a later date....I guess if a was a wizz with Photoshop I would have taken the best from both...but then perhaps not!

In the heat of the day in Crete the narrow lanes of the villages are probably the best place to be...well other than up to your neck in sea water I guess! It's easy to see why the shutters are always closed, the houses are painted white and most people do a lot of sitting! Well, other than stupid English men with cameras.

Listening to: "Waiting For The Universe" (Yours, Mine and Ours) - The Pernice Brothers

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