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Spring Colour - Nea Pressos Crete
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Spring Colour - Nea Pressos Crete

31-03-2006 · Comments (27)
Categories: Crete  Nikon F5  Provia 100  

Spring is such a beautiful time in Crete. The winters can be surprisingly wet with lots of snow on the mountains. The terraces with the olive trees in the summer seem parched but in spring they come to life. For a short period of time fueled by the wet ground they are covered in a low growing bright green weed with a vivid yellow flower. Very beautiful close up but from a way off it makes the hills come alive. As soon as there is any heat in the sun they very quickly disappear. So pretty whilst it lasts. I have no idea what it is....I'm sure that there are experts out there that will tell me it's no weed and that the locals eat it! That wouldn't be such a surprise they seem to eat a lot of things that appear to be weeds.

Listening to: "God Was Drunk When He Made Me" (No Such Place) - Jim White

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