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Thunderbird And Weeds #2. U.S. Route 84, Evant, TX 76525
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Thunderbird And Weeds #2. U.S. Route 84, Evant, TX 76525

10-01-2012 · Comments (5)
Categories: Hasselblad 501CM  Kodak BW400CN  USA  

Could you grow a new heart
And could you run the distance
In the time that it takes
Before it all fell apart?

We fell through the cracks
Stole the sheets and burned the maps
Watched the smoke flying from the stacks
Before it all fell apart

Particles on the fringe
There's a heaviness, this stillness brings
Those twisted palms, oh how they swing
Telling tales, young breathless things

Things that move on
Left wandering where the mystery's gone

Listening to: "Grow A New Heart" (Oh, My Girl) - Jesse Sykes And The Sweet Hereafter

Cole Thompson

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