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Step Back IN Time - Kroustas (Κρούστας) Crete
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Step Back IN Time - Kroustas (Κρούστας) Crete

17-03-2006 · Comments (29)
Categories: Crete  Nikon F4  Provia 100  

For the next week all posts will be automated so fingers crossed that it goes OK! My apologies for the lack of email replies, if I am able to reply to you I will, failing that I will reply within the blog.

In the heat of the summer sun nothing much moves in the middle of the day. The narrow streets of Crete's villages are an ideal place to escape it. You feel as if you have been taken back in time. This lady was sat on the tiniest of stools doing crochet, the rest of the village was like a ghost town. Of course mad English men wandering around with a camera is highly amusing if you can find anyone to laugh at you.

My apologies for the crop but I was shooting into the sun and there was a stack of flare....although I think that it works OK.

Unable to tell you what I am listening to as these are advanced posts....would hate to appear a fraud or anything! One thing is for sure, as I will be in Crete it will be Greek music that I am listening to. Probably my favourite radio station which you can find at this link. You will find it under Greek Eclectics ERA 2. Go on give it a try, who knows you might enjoy it...if not there are dozens of other stations there to try.

Listening to: Greek Radio ERA 2

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