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Ben, A Logo, Sandals And A Hat. Napier Road, Eastville, Bristol.
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Ben, A Logo, Sandals And A Hat. Napier Road, Eastville, Bristol.

03-10-2010 · Comments (6)
Categories: Fuji 160S  Hasselblad 500CM  

The job was shot in two locations in Bristol for a company based in Kuwait. I have no idea how we came to be shooting it for them and as far as I can tell, neither does Danny. This is Ben, a super nice guy who was our model for the day, he has the wonderful job of not only looking pretty but having to carry this sheet of glass around all day bearing the logo of the company concerned. At the outset it didn't seem that heavy but we could really see it taking it's toll as the day progressed. As I said it was the first time I had done a job for hard cash and was very pleased with how it went. More importantly the client loved the shots as well, what more could you ask! For those with a love of maps then here is an street view of the Napier Road area of Bristol.

around the curve of a parrot bar
a broken-down old movie star
hustling an Easterner
bringing out the beast in him
a high dive on a swimming pool
filled with needles and with fools
the memories are short but the tales are long
down there in the reeperbahn
they called her Rosie when she was a girl

Listening to: "Down The Reeperbahn" ( "Alice" - The Original Demos) - Tom Waits

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