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Garage, Church and a Dodge. State Highway 19, Alex, OK 73002
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Garage, Church and a Dodge. State Highway 19, Alex, OK 73002

04-07-2010 · Comments (8)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak BW400CN  USA  

The morning started with heavy snow in Enid, OK and I had to get to Dallas, a distance of about 350 miles. Luckily after a few hours it turned to horrible rain, but, at least I could make progress. I don't normally brave the rain to take photos, but, the pull of this scene was just too much. Taken close to the city of Chickasha, OK on Oklahoma State Highway 19 close to the tiny community of Alex, OK. The car was a Dodge, although, I have no idea what model. For those who like such things here is a street view of the place.

This is the day that love chose to play
One minute here, one minute there
Love spent time everywhere,
This day that love chose to stay

Listening to:"This Is The Day" (A Carrot Is As Close As a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond) - Captain Beefheart

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