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Voodoo Balls, Rockets & Missiles. Bluewater Highway, Freeport, TX 77541
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Voodoo Balls, Rockets & Missiles. Bluewater Highway, Freeport, TX 77541

27-06-2010 · Comments (8)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 160VC  USA  

Taken on the County Road 257, Bluewater Highway, between Galveston, TX. and Freeport, TX. I'll tell ya, rooms are cheap in Galveston if you go out of season, the cheapest I had on the whole trip and I stayed in some pits! This was as far south as I had ever been and in February it was nice to have a little warmth on my back.
These firework trailers popped up periodically, they always made me stop and look. Here is a street view of the huts and the area.

I saw a gold ring
At the bottom of the river
Glinting at my foolish heart
So my foolish heart
Had to go diving
Diving, diving, diving
Into the murk

And from the bottom of the river
I looked up for the sun
Which had shattered in the water
And pieces were rained down
Like gold rings
That passed through my hands
As I thrashed and I grabbed
I started rising, rising, rising

Listening to:"Rock Bottom Riser" (A River Ain't Too Much To Love) - Smog

Brad Wilson

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