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Old Ford On US 366, Mason, TX 76856
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Old Ford On US 366, Mason, TX 76856

30-03-2010 · Comments (14)
Categories: Holga  Kodak BW400CN  USA  

Still in Texas and out on US 377. The location of the shot was Streeter although there was much in the way or any community there. The nearest place of any size was Mason, TX. The car looked like it had been dumped there a long time ago, but, closer inspection showed that it had been dragged clean across the field it was in. I assume to be eventually carted away, but, who knows, maybe it was supposed to be a roadside attraction! Anyway, Google's street view of the place shows the scene without the car.

Then Marcus heard on the radio that a movie star was dying
He turned the tuner way down low, so Ortense could go on sleeping
It was not until they reached the farm where the hired man was waiting
The wind rushed silent through the grain, it was just as they had told him

They buried him just down the road, a mile from the farm house
That is where I placed a flower for Jim dean of Indiana.

Listening to:"Jim Dean Of Indiana" (Greatest Hits) - Phil Ochs

Jim McHugh

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